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Manoj ComicsManoj Comics was one of the leading indian comic book houses in India along with its competitors like Raj Comics, Diamond Comics and Tulsi Comics. Other than the regular characters, the prime strength of Manoj Comics was the stories based on Kings-Queens, Prince-Princess, Demons, Dragons, Ghosts and Best on the moral values. Almost half of the Manoj Comics published fall in these categories.

Due to changing tastes, and children preferring to read foreign comics, Manoj Comics were finally closed down. Manoj Comics was the last major Indian comic book company which got shut down just before the end of the dark age of the Indian comic industry.

Popular Characters


Ram-Rahim are the two different characters playing role of secret agents in manoj comics.


Crookbond is given his name to resemble James Bond, and calls himself "The Chela of James Bond".

Hawaldar Bahadur

Hawaldar Bahadur is a comedian character and a police constable with a long moustache.

Colonel Karn

Colonel Karn somewhere also mentioned as Karnal Karn is a commissioned officer character.

Inspector Manoj

Inspector Manoj is a police inspector character.

Mahabali Shera

Mahabali Shera is the first Super Hero created by the ace writer Bimal Chatterji for Manoj Comics.


Kalapret is action hero. He uses his father's costume to fight against crime.

Amar Akbar

Amar Khanna and Akbar are the two Private Detectives from manoj comics.

Sagar Salim

Sagar Salim are detective characters, mostly written by Ansar Akhtar and Illustrated by Husain Zamin.


Sherbaaz is a police detective character.